For Instructors

Welcome to the support services available for instructors providing continuing and professional education CPED options. If you would like information about what services Public Partnership & Outreach can provide to instructors, please review the instructor links or contact the continuing education coordinator in the Contact section of this website.

Once a course, workshop, or conference in the catalog has been created, participants will be able to register for the course.  Participant enrollment will be tracked in Canvas, a learning management system (LMS) operated through a Texas A&M University partnership with Instructure.  Each instructor will have a unique account and dashboard in this system.  For additional information about how to navigate the LMS and customize it, Instructure provides User Guides.

In addition, check our Instructor FAQs if more information is needed.  If you have suggestions for future FAQs or have other general questions, please let us know through the Help Page on the website. If you experience technical problems while using the system, please initiate a help ticket by clicking the “help” link on the logon box.