Instructor Sign-up

Instructors, professors, presenters, or speakers at Texas A&M University have the opportunity to use Canvas Catalog by Instructure to market programs, workshops, conferences, or seminars for continuing education units or professional development hours.
Each user of Texas A&M University’s Canvas site will need to complete a short training session from the Continuing & Professional Education contact in the Public Partnership and Outreach office.  After training is complete, the following process must be followed to gain access to the Canvas system.  Continuing education offerings cannot be published in the Catalog for marketing and registration until the instructor’s home administrative unit has approved a continuing education offering through its departmental and/or college approval process.  However, instructors are welcome to obtain a Canvas account to try out the system even before a course has been approved.
Instructor Guest Account:
This is for instructors who just want to try out the system but are not yet interested in using it to teach a class.

Go to the Instructor User Guide and create an account to try out CANVAS products. This is the Canvas main site. Once you are ready to teach a Texas A&M University CPED Activity, follow the instructions below about obtaining a Texas A&M University login Production account.

Active Instructor Account:
This is for instructors who will be teaching a Texas A&M CPED program, workshop, seminar, or conference approved through their departmental and/or college approval process.

Please do one of the following to obtain an instructor account:
  1. If you have not received training, please email the CPED coordinator Dr. Janice Meyer (janice.meyer[at]tamu.edu) to request training or to request the invitation to register for Canvas as an Instructor.
  2. Next, an email to participate will be sent to the requestor. If an invitation to participate is not received, please contact us at the information below.
  3. In the invitation to participate, follow the instructions in the email.
  4. Follow the Canvas Welcome Aboard instructions to complete the account set-up.
  5. Once registration is fully complete, the Dashboard page will appear to allow customization, view notifications, and permit interaction with registered participants.
  6. The system will take you to the “Student Dashboard” by default, so instrctors can see what their students see; however, all students, instructors, and administrative users will have different permissions levels in Canvas.
  7. Click the Create My Account button to complete the ‘Teacher Signup.’  Note: When signing up for a Canvas account, for security reasons DO NOT use a TAMU Net ID or password. Texas A&M University is working with Canvas on a process to enable use of TAMU Net ID's and passwords in the future.
  8. The registration process above should be completed in full before creating a program, workshop, conference, or seminar.
If you have any questions, please check the Canvas Instructor Guide, contact us following the instructions on the Help page, or call 979-458-2511 for assistance.